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Let us rest our eyes from this purplely colored website. From more than two years of using this layout, let’s move on to a new server and make our content a little organized.

Welcome to the new Anime Song Lyrics Website!!!

Some links are still broken but in due time we will progress. I know I’m using free server.

For now sing along with us!!



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Compiled by YUKI

What’s Inside:

Can You Explain Manga Being Reversed?
What is Angel’s Egg?
What Determines Whether Something Gets a DVD Boxed Set?
Are the Meanings of Japanese Names Well-Known in Japan?
Why Aren’t There American Made Anime Television Shows?
Why Are DBZ Fans Called “Newbies?”
What is the “Folded Paper” on the Side of Japanese CDs?
Why Don’t Translating Companies Just Please Everyone?
Who Created the Evangelion h*nt** Movie?
What’s the Worst Anime Ever Made?

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The History of Anime in the Philippines

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by MMX

Anime has conquered the Philippine TV. Almost every channel has one these days. No one could have imagined that these would be in demand in Filipino channels that even managements of Filipino TV networks have decided to put anime in primetime slots just to have ratings. Ever wonder what animes are shown in the Philippines these last years. Today, we’re going to take a stroll back in time to see what was the status of anime in Philippine TV these past years….
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Good morning po sa lahat ng bumisita at sa walang sawang bumibisita ulit. Nagsara na po ang geocities sa Yahoo! kaya ang aking lumang website: ay sarado na rin. Buti na lang nai-save ko ang mga file dito sa wordpress. Sorry na lang po sa mga hindi ko na-add na file duon sa geocities (button ng mga linkouts, etc.) at wala dito sa wordpress.

Para po pala sa humihingi ng mga mp3 or file ng mga kanta na andito sa website na ito, pasensya na po hindi po ako nangongolekta talaga. Kung meron kayong nakitang mp3 hindi po ako ang provider nun.

Credits and Thank You’s

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I’m very thankful to the owner of xKxExNxSxHxIxNx and PAD Place because they are my inspiration. They inspired me to make this site, even thought at first this site is a little “mababaw”. Also to my brothers Jay and Buboy for the lyrics. They really made me sweat asking about the lyrics that I wanted. They are the one who memorized all the songs listed here. To my ATE, for allowing me to use her PC and lessen my time accessing internet just to update my site.

To the owner of Anime Gallery Ichidou and Zen119’s Anime ScrapBook, many thanks for telling me that I’m not the only one who love the Anime Songs in Filipino and the only one who got the nerve to post it online. Also they are those who send me lyrics in addition to my collection.

Thanks for Jhoannadel for every information/correction she made in my site. She made an effort to edit my lyrics. Some credits are for her especially for noticing my MKR lyrics.

Webmistress’ Note

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THE LYRICS…I didn’t translate the lyrics here. If you like to know other info about the lyrics please read my about page. The lyrics are given, some are just memorized by me or my brother, so some efforts are not all in me. All thank you note about the lyrics is at my credit page.

THE SITE…This site was originally posted in geocities until the notice of abolishing the server. Opened to public since July 2000 and helped by other site (mostly closed because of outdated content). This will serve as an archive site.

…All images except from fanart are copyright by me. However the character I used in the drawings are not my creation. If you are about to use any of the images please ask permission to those who need credits. There are links available for every images. If there are questions about the images and unmentioned owner please contact me here.

LINK ME…Please help me from spreading the news about my page. Magtulungan tayong mga Pilipino! If you got a site and a Filipino like me please, just type in “Anime OP Song Lyrics ~in filipino~” and add a hyperlink.

BROKEN LINKS…As I make this site I’ve been editing this with not much noticing the links in every page. If there are broken and wrong links that I designated please report it to me immediately. I want to know what’s wrong and you’re the only one that can find one!

About Page

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Welcome to my humble home of lyrics the title said it all so if you still don t know or still wonder what this site is all about please read my ABOUT page. If you don t like reading long article this site is all about ANIME and it s song specially aired in the Philippines. If you re not into anime can you stop asking me where s the lyrics of this singer or this song BECAUSE this is all about anime in Filipino language!

This site uses 2 language: English and Filipino (tagalog for some). Mainly the lyrics are in Filipino and introduction and information are in English. I won t and never translate the lyrics here from Filipino to English mainly because if I did the title would not be as it is. I would rather invite you to my LINK page to look for their English equivalent.